Fisheries Standard for Electronic Data Transmission
List of field-codes, data-elements, syntax, contents and examples

Field-code Data-element Syntax Contents Examples
AC Activity Char*3 See code list //AC/HAU//
AD Address destination Char*3 3-Alpha code (ISO-3166) //AD/RUS//
AE Area of Entry Char*6 ICES/NAFO Codes of Division entering into  
AF Apparent infringement      
AI Assigned inspectors Char*3 Num*4 3-Alpha code (ISO-3166) 1-9999 //AI/NOR333// or //AI/NLD4425 CEC29 RUS12//
AP Cumulative production      
AU Authentication Char*4 Hex-code //AU/B234//
BA Bait Char*3 Code to be developed  
BD Block Date Num*8 YYYMMDD , UTC //BD/20050801//
BE Beam Length Num*2 Beam length in meter  
BT Block Time Num*4 HHMM , UTC //BT.2030//
CA Catch (or weekly catch) Char*3 Num*7 See code list (FAO) 0-9999999 //CA/REB678// or //CA/RED2300 ORY200 BSF4500 HAD0//
CC Cumulative catch Char*3 Num*6 See code list (FAO) 0-999999 //CC/COD255// or //CC/PRA0 POL23 ORY356//
CD Daily catch      
CH Flag of Chartering Contracting Party Char*3 3-Alpha code (ISO-3166) //CH/EST//
CO Course Num*3 1-360 //CO/270// (= heading 270°)
CP Control point/area Char*1 Norwegian codes: Point A, B, C, D, E, F or G, Area 1, 2 or 3 //CP/A//
CR Cancelled Report Char*3   //CR//CAN//
CS Coastal state Char*3 3-Alpha code (ISO-3166) //CS/FRO//
DA Date Num*8 YYYYMMDD //DA/20050131//
DF Days fished Num*3 1-365 //DF/7//
DS Directed Species



FAO Species Code/Area Code Licence detail: species for which the authorization applies. In the case of regulated species from Annex I.A ir I.B, the content must refer to the stock (format GHL/3LMNO)
DU Duration Num*5 Durations of fishing activity, inminutes //DU/180//
ED End date Num*8 YYYYMMDD //ED/20051231//
ER End record     //ER//
FA Fabric Char*3 Fabric Material: PET=Polyethylene, PAM=Polyamide //FA/PET//
FC Fisheries Commission Cahr*3 XNE, XNW, XCA (CCAMLR), XSA (SEAFO) //FC/XNE//
FI Tread thickness Num*1.1 Tread thickness in mm, 1 decimal  
FO Fishing operations      
FR From Char*3 3-Alpha code (ISO-3166) //FR/ISL//
FS Flag State Char*3 3-Alpha code (ISO-3166) //FS/NLD//
FT Forward to Char*3 ISO-3166 Land code includingthe user assigned codes (as used by NEAFC) //FT/XEU//
GD Gear Depth Num*4 Gear depth/height inmeters  
GE Fishing gear Char*3 See code list (FAO) //GE/OTB// or //GE/PS2//
GL Gear Length Num*4 Gear Length in meters  
GO Gear Bar distance Num*2 Light opening in sorting grid in mm  
GS Gear specification Num*3 For trawlers: 1=single trawl, 2=double trawl, 3=triple trawl //GS/1//
HA Hails Char*1 "Y" or "N"  
HF Hours fished Char*4 Hours the gear has been fishing calculated as described by CCAMLR (XCA) //HF/250//
ID ID Number Char*10 Unique number identifying a transmitter or platform from a special service provider //ID/1234567890//
IM IMO Number Num*7 IMO ship identification number  
IR Internal reference number Char*3 Num*9 3-Alpha code (ISO-3166) 0-999999999 //IR/DEU009876//
IS Date of issuing Num*8 YYYYMMDD //IS/20050122//
IV Radio call sign Char*7 IRCS //RC/MGDD4//
KG Transferred species Char*3 Num*7 See code list (FAO) 0-9999999 //KG/WHB444500// or //KG/HER45600 MAC500//
LA Latitude Char*5 N(S)DDMM //LA/N4533// or //LA/S2344//
LB Log book      
LG Longitude (decimal) Char*8 +(-)DDD.ddd //LG/-044.174// or //LG/+166.000//
LI Latitude (estimated) Char*6 NDDMM (WGS 84) //LI/N6230//
LN Longitude (estimated) Char*7 E/WDDDMM (WGS 84) //LN/E00502//
LO Longitude Char*6 E(W)DDDMM //LO/W04411//or //LO/E16600//
LT Latitude (decimal) Char*7 +(-)DD.ddd //LT/45.544// or //LT/-23.743//
LU Limited authorisation Char*1 "Y" or "N" //LU/N//
MA Master name      
MC Mem Code Char*3 List of numbers describing details about the position and/or the transmitter (11 Normal, 64 Power Up..) //MC/11//
ME Mesh size Num*3 0-999  
MI Means of surveillance Char*3 See code list //MI/VES//
MS Free text Char*255 ISO 8859.1 characters //MS/captain contacted refused boarding//
MT Gear Mesh Type Char*3 DIM=diamond mesh, SQM-square mesh //MT/DIM//
NA Name Char*30 ISO 8859.1 characters //NA/SEA LION 7//
NE Unit weight      
NU Number of units      
OB Quantity onboard Char*3 Num*7 See code list (FAO) 0-9999999 //OB/MAC0// or //OB/WHB278400 HER45800//
OI Object identification Char*7 IRCS //OI/V3RT7G//
ON Observer name      
OO Observer on board Char*1 "Y" or "N" //OO//Y//
OS Observation serial number Num*3 0-999 //OS/023//
PD Predicted date Num*8 YYYYMMDD //PD/20051030//
PH Photography Char*1 "Y" or "N" //PH/Y/
PO Port name (of registration or port of landing Char*20 ISO 8859.1 characters //PO/BERGEN//
PQ Position Quality Char*1 Number specific to the service provider //PQ/1//
PR Product form code Char*3 Code  
PT Predicted time Num*4 HHMM //PT/2345//
QP Quantity produced      
RA Relevant area Char*6 See code list //RA/XIVb//
RC Radio call sign Char*7 IRCS //RC/MGDD4//
RD Record date Num*8 YYYYMMDD //RD/20050131//
RE Return error number Num*3 0-999 //RE/101//
RJ Catch discarded      
RN Record number Num*6 0-999999 //RN/12345//
RP Report Period Char*1 Catch period defined by CCAMLR (XCA)
A 1-5 of the month
B 6-10 of the month
C 11-15 of the month
D 16-20 of the month
E 21-25 of the month
F 26 and the rest of the month
RQ Inspection requirement      
RT Record time Num*4 HHMM //RT/0955//
RR Regulated resources Char*3 See code list (FAO) //RR/WHB//
RS Return status Char*3 "ACK" or "NAK" //RS/ACK//
SD Start date Num*8 YYYYMMDD //SD/20010201//
SN Species name Char*3 See code list (FAO) //SN/MAC//
SP Speed Num*3 Knots * 10 //SP/105// (= speed of 10.5 knots)
SQ Sequence number Num*6 0-999999 //SQ/234//
SR Start record     //SR//
TF Transhipped from Char*7 IRCS //TF/UABC//
TI Time Num*4 HHMM //TI/0955//
TM Type of message Char*3 See code list //TM/CAT//
TN Trip number Num*3 1-999 //TN/5//
TP Vessel type Char*3 See code list //TP/LL// or //TP/TTF//
TS Trailer start   No content //TS//
TT Transhipped to Char*7 IRCS //TT/TXYZ//
TU Transmission used      
TY Type of packing      
US Undersize      
VC Vessel charterer Char*60 ISO 8859.1 characters //VC/SEAGULL SA CORUÑA ESPAÑA//
VL Vessel length Char*2 Num*3 "OA" or "PP" 0-999 //VL/OA64//
VO Vessel owner Char*60 ISO 8859.1 characters //VO/MARPESCA PO BOX 66 HULL UK //
VP Vessel power Char*2 Num*5 "HP" or "KW" 0-99999 //VP/HP2345//
VT Vessel capacity Char*2 Num*4 "LC" or "OC" 0-9999 //VT/LC567//
XR External registration Char*14 ISO 8859.1 characters //XR/3CO2399//
YM Year and month Num*6 YYYYMM //YM/200412//
YR Year of the report cancelled Num*4 NNNN  
ZO Zone Char*3 3-Alpha code (ISO-3166) //ZO/GRL//